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Cheongster's Handbook of Adventures
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The Quest of The Cheonging Knight
Knight Pointing Left
To Cheong or Not To Cheong?

Cheongster  noun  (chi-yong-ster)
Someone who partakes in the business transaction where monetary reward or payment in kind is exchanged for the service of receiving intimate gratification from the provider.  v. to cheong, cheonging

The definition above is a little bit over simplified as the act of cheonging is very fluid and the Cheongster is a master of his own destiny since he can choose how he cheongs, where he cheongs and more importantly, who he cheongs with.  However, the essence is beautifully captured in the definition and typically, when a Cheongster goes for cheonging, he looks for gratification and in return, he is willing to pay for it.  At times, he will be lucky since he doesn't have to pay (monetary wise) but he may have to pay by other means (luxury items or worse case scenario, emotionally).  Gratification is again loosely used in this case as the Cheongster doesn't always get what he wants but he still has to pay one way or another.

This website has been created to share some cheonging experience and to provide information on the art of cheonging.  You are born a Cheongster and to deny this natural instinct is like a salmon swimming upstream only to find there's no calm water to lay eggs.

Ornamental piece with gold figures

Ancient decoration made by wealthy Cheongsters to show their appreciation of cheonging.  Cheonging is and has always been associated with fun, joy, music and pleasure.

Included in this tomb of cheonging knowledge, you will find useable hard facts based on the cheonging experience of some Master Cheongsters.  The title Master Cheongster is nothing to be sneezed at as one would have to cheong many times, many different places and with many varied counterparts doing it many different ways to earn this title.  Why do you think Kung Fu Masters in Chinese Marital Art films all have white hair and long beard?  It is because they have practised very hard and long in their art and while a Master Cheongster may not necessarily take as much time to attain masterhood, he nonetheless has expanded much energy in the art  of cheonging.
Last word, please do not confuse a cheongster with a cassanova.  Cassanova goes out with the intention of indulging in pleasure without planning for a sweet ending for both parties whereas a Cheongster almost always have a clean ending, leaving both parties feeling happy.  Only a cassanova knows the transaction is one of business nature and often, the counterpart will feel cheated or used.  A Cheongster and his partner(s) know exactly the nature of business and the ending is just the beginning of another adventure. 

May the Cheonging Light shines brightly on all Cheongsters and May the Cheonging Fairy protects you from all cheonging disasters!